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Wedding Tips


Give your wedding photographer plenty of time

Go over your time line with your photographer before you finalize it. Pictures typically take longer than “15 minutes”. A realistic timeline will allow you and the photographer time to relax and get beautiful images without feeling rushed.

Hair and Makeup

If you’re running behind this is almost always the reason why. Allow an extra 30 to 45 min buffer when planning this part of your day.

Consider your getting ready location

Big windows and great natural light will give you the most flattering images. Consider asking to view the hotel room, venue bridal suite, etc. before choosing.

Consider a camera free zone for your ceremony

These days everyone and their mother has an Iphone, Ipad, GoPro, etc. Photographers have to battle flashes that happen sporadically, look down the aisle at peoples devices blocking their faces and possibility miss a great moment because a guest jumped in front of them to get a shot.

Don’t expect photographers to copy other people’s work

Pinterest is a great platform for design and venue ideas. Not so much for photography. Each couple has their own unique look, style, and personality. A great photographer will create beautiful images that put this on display.

Trust your photographer

There’s a reason you choose us. You love our work. We can see the creative image in our heads long before we ever take the photograph. We will always put you in the most flattering light, poses, and situations possible.

No need for an intensive shot list

We got you covered! We won’t need a play by play shot list of your entire day. A family shot list is nice to have if you want to include more people than just parents, siblings, and grand parents. You can tell us if there’s one or two special photos you’d like to get.

Tell me about family drama before the big day

Divorced parents who can’t stand each other? One family member not talking to another? Let your photographer know before the wedding so uncomfortable situations can be avoided.

Stand up for yourself

This is your big day. Don’t let a pushy bridesmaid or family member make you feel uncomfortable by telling you what poses you should do, locations you should move to or anything else you don’t want to do.

Tell “Uncle Bob” to enjoy your wedding

We wedding photographers have a name for the guest that comes to your wedding with a professional camera and tries to shoot over the shoulder of the professional photographers. This name is “Uncle Bob”. Their intentions are good but usually wind up getting in the way and causing unnecessary tension for the couple.